Director's Message

We live in a fast-moving world where computer is playing an important role in our day to day life. Computers are used in various fields like business, pharmacy, music, education, engineering, defense, transportation, and so many areas as they help to ease certain tasks, provide information faster, and speed up the work. As computers are widely used today, acquiring computer education is the need of the day today. The basic computer skills that every person should know include common application programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point and Notepad. They should know how to go online, check their email account, and send mails. Most jobs are posted online, and how can a person respond to an online application without knowing computers? With the Internet, we can obtain information, exchange messages, and perform other important tasks. The point is this, no matter where you find employment, there is a good chance a computer will be a basic tool you will have to use. It is in your best interests to start off computer literate. It will help you get a job and it will help you advance in your career. Looking your career and bright future, Immense Institute of Technology & Management provides many job-oriented courses with outstanding faculty and excellent supporting staffs. We provide you quality education that will lead to a successful career. I wish you a great success and hope your education at Immense Institute of Technology & Management will provide a milestone in shaping up your future